Keemun Black by Floating Leaves

Dry leaf aroma: Pure cocoa. 
Wet leaf aroma: Smoky with a hint of damp hay. 
Preparation: Brewed western style in an all glass infuser mug.

First steeping: 3 minutes 30 seconds at 205 degrees. 
Smoky aroma with notes of earth and hay. While the cup is hot I taste strong smoke and malt flavors, with a hint of bitterness. As I let the cup cool the bitterness is more pronounced.

Second steeping: 4 minutes at 205 degrees. 
Almost identical to the first steeping.

I was hoping the second steeping would bring out more flavor but I think I just personally perceive this tea as a very smoky Keemun. I’m not sure I will finish the sample package, though I’ve considered using it in a custom breakfast blend.

Flavors: Earth, Hay, Smoke

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