Golden Needle Premium by Mandala Tea

Dry leaf aroma: Cocoa sweetness with a hint of malt. 
Wet leaf aroma: Damp hay with vegetal notes. 
Preparation: Initial 5 second rise, then brewed western style in an all-glass infuser mug.

First steeping: 4 minutes 30 seconds at 205 degrees. 
Freshly steeped the aroma is a fusion of hay, malt, sweet potatoes and cocoa. The liquor is a lovely dark amber and the flavor is smooth and malty with undertones of cocoa and the slightest aftertaste of hay. As the cup cools the taste remains strong with no changes in the flavor profile.

Second steeping: 5 minutes at 205 degrees. 
The second brewing was very much like the first, though not quite as rich.

I received this as a free sample in my order. Thank you Mandala, I enjoyed this quite a bit!

Flavors: Cocoa, Hay, Malt, Sweet Potatoes

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