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  • Amoda Tea Order Arrived From Canada

    My Amoda tea order arrived Monday! If you are not familiar with Amoda, they are a delightful Canadian company focused on teas crafted by independent tea makers. Included in this order: Austrian Orange Brambleberry Rain Royal Irish Creme de Menthe Mandarin Spice

  • Mandala Tea Order

    My Mandala Tea order arrived on Friday. Included in this order: Golden Strand Golden Needle Premium A sample of Pure Bud Black A sample of GABA Black I previously reviewed Golden Needle Premium on August 18, 2014. I’m looking forward to trying this batch.

  • Red Blossom Tea Company Order

    It is no secret that one of my favorite tea vendors is Red Blossom Tea Company. Late last week I placed my first order of the year (and surprisingly came away with only 2 teas). The package arrived today – talk about fast shipping! Included in this order: Gold Thread Reserve – Spring 2016 Organic […]

  • Yunnan Sourcing Order

    Spring is in the air so I’ve decided to refresh my tea stash. Last night I placed an order from Yunnan Sourcing. Included in this order: Feng Qing Premium “Black Gold Pearls” Yunnan Black Tea * Spring 2016 Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong of Wu Yi Fujian Black tea * Spring 2016 Imperial Grade Laoshan Black […]

  • Tea From Vietnam Has Arrived!

    Oh happy mail day, my order from Tea From Vietnam has arrived! They were generous to include 5 extra samples for me to review. The teas I received (including my purchases) are: Dragoncloud Green Fish Hook Green Four Seasons Oolong GABA Oolong Golden Lily (Jin Xuan) Milk Oolong Green Mist Mountain Gui Fei Oolong Red […]

  • Black (Tea) Friday

    Happy Thanksgiving! If you are looking for great deals on tea, check out the Black Friday Sales List at Steepster.

  • Tea From Vietnam

    I’ve placed an order for tea from Vietnam at the appropriately named So few people in the west get to expereience tea from this region so I am excited for this opportunity to review several delicious-sounding teas! My order includes: Dragoncloud Green Fish Hook Green Golden Lily (Jin Xuan) Milk Oolong Red Lily Black […]