Amoda Tea Order Arrived From Canada

My Amoda tea order arrived Monday! If you are not familiar with Amoda, they are a delightful Canadian company focused on teas crafted by independent tea makers. Included in this order:

Austrian Orange
Brambleberry Rain
Royal Irish
Creme de Menthe
Mandarin Spice

Red Blossom Tea Company Order

It is no secret that one of my favorite tea vendors is Red Blossom Tea Company. Late last week I placed my first order of the year (and surprisingly came away with only 2 teas). The package arrived today – talk about fast shipping! Included in this order:

Gold Thread Reserve – Spring 2016
Organic Golden Monkey – April 2016
Sample of Golden Monkey First Pick
Sample of Dark Roast Tieguanyin

I first reviewed Gold Thread Reserve on August 13, 2014. As soon as I have time I will do a proper tasting and post a new review. I’m very curious to see how this harvest measures up.

On a sad note, they no longer sell Organic Formosa Red #18, which was quite possibly my favorite tea of all time. You can read my previous review of this unique tea here.

Yunnan Sourcing Order

Spring is in the air so I’ve decided to refresh my tea stash. Last night I placed an order from Yunnan Sourcing. Included in this order:

Feng Qing Premium “Black Gold Pearls” Yunnan Black Tea * Spring 2016
Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong of Wu Yi Fujian Black tea * Spring 2016
Imperial Grade Laoshan Black Tea from Shandong * Spring 2016
Bai Ye Varietal Dan Cong Black Tea * Spring 2016
Pure Bud Bi Luo Chun Yunnan Black tea * Autumn 2016
“Snow Flower Bi Luo Chun” Yunnan White Tea * Spring 2017
Simao Spring Tips Pure Bud Black Tea of Yunnan * Spring 2017

Steeping Temperature and Time May Affect Antioxidants In Tea – ScienceDaily

ScienceDaily posted an interesting study by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) regarding how steeping temperature and time might affect antioxidants in tea. While the results might not surprise some of you, the short article is still worth a full read:

Steeping Temperature and Time May Affect Antioxidants In Tea

Red Lily by Tea From Vietnam

Dry leaf aroma: Cacao nibs, malt, and faint suggestions of spiciness.
Wet leaf aroma: Carob, pepper, and subtle vegetal undertones.
Preparation: 1 tsp in 10 ounces of water, brewed western style in a ceramic infuser mug.

First/only steeping: 3 minutes 30 seconds at 200 degrees.
While hot, Red Lily has a chocolate and malt aroma. The predominate flavors are cocoa with essences of malt, carob, pepper, and a subdued spiciness. As the cup cools, the spiciness comes forward and a suggestion of plum appears. The cocoa remains true throughout the cup and pairs wonderfully with the spiciness as the liquor changes temperature.

Because this is a rolled tea, I under-leafed my cup. Next time I will add more leaf to see if I can coax out different nuances.

Flavors: Carob, Cocoa, Malt, Pepper, Plums, Spice

Tea From Vietnam Has Arrived!

Oh happy mail day, my order from Tea From Vietnam has arrived! They were generous to include 5 extra samples for me to review. The teas I received (including my purchases) are:

Dragoncloud Green
Fish Hook Green
Four Seasons Oolong
GABA Oolong
Golden Lily (Jin Xuan) Milk Oolong
Green Mist Mountain
Gui Fei Oolong
Red Lily Black
Ta Oolong

Eco-Cha Gift Set

Today I received a beautiful Eco-Cha gift set that I purchased over the Black Friday weekend. It is quite lovely and contains:

* Alishan High Mountain Black Tea (50 grams).
* Aged Gongfu Teapot (Made with local clay, in Yingge, Taiwan, in 1989)
* Re-usable wooden box

I’m looking foward to seasoning the pot and trying the High Mountain Black Tea!

You can purchase this gift set directly from Eco-Cha.

Lichee Congou by Silk Road Teas

Dry leaf aroma: Lychee, dusky grape, slight floral undertone.
Wet leaf aroma: Slightly musty with suggestions of lychee.
Preparation: 2 tsp in 16 ounces of water, brewed western style in a ceramic infuser mug.

First/only steeping: 3 minutes at 212 degrees.
The hot infusion smells wonderfully of lychee with a delicate undertone of grapes and roses. White hot, the liquor has a dominate essence of lychee and a suggestion of sugary rose. As the cup cools, notes of hibiscus mingle with the lychee and the floral undertone is less pronounced. This tea lingers pleasantly on the palate and I think it would be wonderfull chilled.

Flavors: Lichee, Grapes, Rose